One of the biggest challenges employers face is finding young employees who are ready for work.

Many of the young people learning with Rathbone Training need work experience to develop skills that employers require.

As an employer, setting up a work experience placement with us does not cost you anything. We can work with you to develop a work experience package that will benefit your business and help a young person get prepared for work.

Day visits

If you’re a large employer, a day visit can introduce young people to the different jobs available within your company. A day visit may also help to meet your recruitment needs if you have a large number of vacancies to fill or experience regular staff turnover.

Work experience placements

Work placements, are a great way to introduce young people to the workplace.

Hosting a work experience placement gives you the opportunity to be fully involved in a young person's professional development. We can work with you to plan the learning experience and ensure everyone gets the right outcomes.

We’re always open and honest about any needs or barriers our young people may have. It’s up to you to decide if you’re able to accommodate them or not.

In our experience, employers are often keen to appoint a fully trained young person from Rathbone Training when they have relevant vacancies.

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