Our partners and subcontractors help us deliver apprenticeships, study programmes and NEET engagement activities.

We’re committed to working in partnership at a local and national level.

Working together, we can maximise resources and offer the best support possible to the young people who need our help.

If you’d like to work with us as a sub-contractor, please submit an application to join our Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System (“DPS”).

To find out more about becoming a pre-approved partner, read our guide.

If you’re not already registered on the ProContract procurement portal, you can register for free here. (By registering on the ProContract portal, you will also enable your organisation to express an interest in working with other organisations in addition to NCG Corporation.)

Once registered, you can complete your response to join our Delivery Partner DPS.

Organisations with a response that meets minimum selection criteria will be admitted onto the DPS and invited to submit tenders (Mini or Further Competition requests) for specific services when needed.

Please note that  the DPS applications received will be batched in rounds and the deadline for each application round will be published on ProContract.

If you’ve already been accepted onto the NCG DPS as a Pre-approved Delivery Partner, our Guide for pre-approved partners gives you an overview of each section of our Subcontract Management Framework (SMF).

If you have any technical difficulty in accessing our DPS or require any further assistance with registering on the ProContract portal please email procontractsuppliers@proactis.com and quote ProContract Opportunity ID reference DN1040.

Supply chain policy and fees


For historical versions of documents, please refer to the NCG website.

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Proposed Changes to Intraining and Rathbone Training announced


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