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Course Type: Apprenticeships


This apprenticeship trains you to provide support in the classroom.
Learning support staff work with teachers, carrying out duties like lesson preparation and work with small groups or individuals.


  • Intermediate level supporting teaching and learning in schools apprenticeships (Level 2)
  • Advanced level supporting teaching and learning in schools apprenticeships (Level 3)

These apprenticeships take approximately 15 months to complete, so commitment is important.

Entry Requirements

  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • You must have lived in the UK or EU for the past 3 years
  • You must not be in full time education or hold a qualification of level 4 or higher

Personal qualities

  • Good reading, writing and numeracy skills
  • The ability to build good relationships
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Patience and a sense of humour

Career Progression

Job roles include

  • Teaching assistant
  • Classroom assistant
  • Behaviour support assistant
  • Pastoral support assistant

Salaries for full-time teaching assistants are between £13,000 and £18,000 a year.
Salaries for full-time Higher Level Teaching Assistant are £16,000 to £21,000 a year.

This vary depending on the Local Education Authority and the responsibilities of individual jobs.

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