We deliver training programmes to over 5,000 young people across the UK each year. Supporting young people aged 14-24 years old to gain the qualifications, skills and experience that employers look for.
We believe that every young person can learn given the right opportunity and we have a programme that is right for you, whether that’s an engagement or employability programme, a traineeship or an apprenticeship, we will work with you to find out what you need.

We work in local communities to deliver programmes that support young people to set goals for the future, improve self-esteem, feel safe, enjoy success, re-engage with learning and your peers; improve mental health and wellbeing
Our skilled youth workers and tutors have lots of experience of creating positive experiences for young people and delivering high energy programmes that help you bounce back from challenges in your life, develop your life skills such as money management and cooking; and plan your own social action projects.
The activities are fun and offer lots of opportunities to learn through art, drama, sport and music and give you plenty of opportunities to have your voice heard to help us get better at what we do and how we do it.

Our employability programmes support you to gain qualifications and the work experience you need to move into an apprenticeship, employment or continue studying. It may be that you need maths & English qualifications, an entry-level qualification in your chosen field of work or to build your confidence. We have lots of learning opportunities to help you succeed.

Traineeships are aimed at young people aged 16 to 18, who have just left school, are unemployed and not in formal training or education. Completing a traineeship gives you work experience to add to your CV. At the end of your traineeship, your work placement will interview you and potentially offer you a full time role, if not we'll work with you to secure an apprenticeship or paid work.

Apprenticeships gives you the chance to gain valuable qualifications and experience, while getting paid at the same time. You will work for an employer and we will support you to gain qualifications or standards needed to become qualified in your chosen area of work. We have apprenticeships in social media, childcare, motor vehicle repair and many more.

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