Big Music Project in Bolton - helping homeless young people

Big Music Project in Bolton - helping homeless young people

Posted by Matthew Murphy |  20th September 2017

Rathbone Training is partnering with Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme (BYPHS) to deliver the Big Music Project to young people facing homelessness in Bolton.

Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme provides homeless young people aged 16-25, the opportunity to be safe, stable and develop skills for independent living. Their aim is to empower young people to live independently within their community, to prevent repeat homelessness, sustain tenancies and enable improved social and economic welfare.

Since the Scheme was set up in 1992 it has helped young people make positive progress with a range of associated issues including substance abuse, sexual exploitation, debt management and progression into employment, training and education, with many of their tenants moving into their own accommodation.

The new partnership with Rathbone Training will be delivering Big Music Project  creative workshop sessions over 5 weeks to help develop confidence and self esteem, whilst also building employability skills. We will also be providing the opportunity for BYPHS residents to take a short course in peer mentoring, with the aim of helping them progress into education, training or employment.

If you'd like to partner with us to help young people, please email