Festive creativity

Festive creativity

Posted by Yesim Saylam |  21st December 2017

Our learners got creative this festive season with original poems and rap songs. Here's some of the best bits;

Christmas Eve

When a child walks up to the Christmas tree
Hoping what he saw in his dream
Were the joys and the sounds of a great Christmas to be
Family by your side
Everyone together wishing you the best
But before Christmas starts there will be a test
To see if you were good or bad
Hoping you were good so on the day you are not sad
Sharing and caring is what Christmas is about
Family making a joyful day so you know that care
Spread the love and peace and there is food to be shared
Christmas tunes and Christmas bells
For future memories there are stories to tell
But only if you are good you get what you want

By Aslam Madani

Christmas Rapping!

C is for Carol singers, singing in a four.
H is for holly, hanging at the door.
R is for Rudolph, guiding Santa’s sleigh.
I is for ice skating, on a cold winter’s day.
S is for stars, shining bright.
T is for tinsel, sparkling through the night.
M is for mistletoe, making a move.
A is for advent calendar, that counts the groove.
S is for Santa, arriving on Christmas day.

Joseph Walters