Big Music Live 2018

Big Music Live 2018

Posted by Matt McCloskey |  28th February 2018

Big Music Live is a national showcase event held across London, Cardiff and Manchester by UK Youth. UK Youth has funded Rathbone Training to deliver The Big Music Project for the last 2 years, helping hundreds of learners overcome barriers in their lives through creativity.

Rathbone Training learners who took part in The Big Music Project went along to join in the celebrations with others from across the UK and showcase their creativity, as well as network with the music industry.

Highlights on the day included an industry profession Q & A, workshops on Dance and Hip-hop, team-building, leadership and networking, with performances from some of the most talented Big Music Project champions from across Britain including Rathbone Training's very own Adam "Adz" Prince, 17 from Bolton.

Adam gave us his thoughts on the day;

"I found the event very welcoming, well organised and creative. It was inspiring for me to perform amongst the other acts, who were great and a lot of them were younger than me. I still want to improve my performance skills such as timing, practice and confidence but I am really happy that I did it. The highlight for me was being able to get up in front of such a big audience, I was able to face up to my fears and learn from my mistakes.

I made some good contacts, such as Manifesto. We are both looking at doing a collaboration and maybe making a track together. Networking is a really important part of the music business, so events like this can really help young people get their voice out there.

I want to be a youth worker, to help young people at Rathbone to learn from my life experience. I have been down the wrong road before, so I know how hard it can be for young people to stay on the right path. I also want to be in the Music industry, teaching and inspiring the next generation of artists."