Future star baker on the rise with Rathbone Training’s support

Future star baker on the rise with Rathbone Training’s support

Posted by Rob Tickle |  23rd January 2017

An aspiring baker from Barrhead, in East Renfrewshire, has been given all the ingredients for a successful career as a cake designer with support from a leading youth training charity.

Alyson Wylie, 18, had struggled with dyslexia in school but Rathbone Training has helped her gain the skills and experience she needs to progress her ambitions as a master baker.

“I left school at 16 and went to study cookery at college; sadly I failed my course despite all of my hard work. I was struggling with dyslexia, I asked for help but I felt like they didn’t care and I wasn’t important.

“I felt like I was forgotten every time I asked for help and it messed with my confidence and it affected the way I look at working with older people and made me question if they would help if I asked for it,” said Alyson.

Two weeks after finishing at college Alyson was keen to get back on the path to employment so she contacted her old high school who arranged for her to see a careers advisor which is when she was referred to Rathbone Training.

“Rathbone Training helps everyone individually to identify the best way they learn, whether it’s talking face to face or through written work or reading everyone is different but they help you understand what works and they chat with you to find out more about you. The group is very mixed but we have learned to support eat other and to work as a team,” said Alyson.

With Rathbone Training Alyson gained a range of SQA qualifications including Responsibilities of Employment, Practical Work Place Skills, Skills for Customer Care and Preparing to Work. She is currently completing her Certificate of Work Readiness at Adorable Cakes in Paisley, where she hopes to gain full time employment.
I have been with Rathbone Training for three months and have seen a lot of people come and go, when they first arrive they all have very low sense of esteem and struggle on the first day but at the end of it all they are all work ready, confident and ready to take on the world,” said Alyson.

“I have definitely seen a big change in myself, I have learned so much and I would feel confident enough to talk to any employer and to know how to behave and be respectful. My aim now is to set up as a self-employed professional cake designer and it was Rathbone Training that helped me discover that passion.”

Alyson is one of six young people aged between 17 and 19 across Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire who have recently their career ambitions with Rathbone through further qualifications or modern apprenticeships with leading organisations including Barnados, Krispy Kreme and Glasgow Airport.
Rathbone Training’s office in Paisley is one of 11 centres across Scotland and over 20 across the UK offering recognised training, qualification and work experience in a supportive environment to help unemployed 16-24 year olds into work.

The organisation also works collaboratively with employers, including many small to medium sized local firms, to offer a range of work experience opportunities.
“I would definitely recommend Rathbone Training to other young people looking for work. It was the best decision I have made in a long time and it’s helped my confidence grow so much. It’s amazing for young people who are stuck or need help to find something, it shows them that they can achieve anything they want if they are willing to work hard for it Rathbone Training teaches us to be more responsible and that nothing is stopping young people from being who they want to be,” said Alyson.

Rathbone Training is currently looking to recruit young people aged 16-24 in East Renfrewshire who are looking to learn while you earn and gain recognised core skills and work based qualifications whilst in a real work place environment.