Councillor Rishi Shori Visits Rathbone Training Bury

Councillor Rishi Shori Visits Rathbone Training Bury

Posted by Richard Bond |  9th May 2018

Bury Councillor Debates Knife Crime, Mental Health and Potholes with Rathbone Training Learners

On 28th March, Councillor Rishi Shori visited the Rathbone Training centre in Bury to learn about the service that Rathbone Training offers, both in Bury and the wider Greater Manchester Area. Councillor Shori is the portfolio holder for Young People and Social Cohesion, appointed by Andy Burnham to tackle youth issues in the Greater Manchester area.

Following a tour of the centre, he joined our young people in a learning session on mental health before finally hosting a Q&A with the young people at Rathbone Bury. The learners, who had spent time devising questions relating to their local area, quizzed Councillor Shori on Bury council’s response to issues such as knife crime, the NHS and road conditions.

Whilst responding to questions from the young people Councillor Shori asked many of his own, keen to understand what the young people felt could be done about Knife Crime in the Greater Manchester area, particularly seeking insight into why they felt young people carried knives.

Similarly, when discussing the deepening mental health crisis among young people, Councillor Shori was interested in the learners’ idea for training up young people to support their peers during the often extended waiting list period. The young people felt peer support would allow those suffering to talk to someone them ‘on their level’ about the shared issues they face. Indeed, many of our learners have experienced the issues and dangers of long wait list times and the inadequate support for young people waiting for help.

He then extended an invite to the young people to visit him at Bury Council if they were interested in learning more.

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