B&M Birmingham Employ ‘Excellent’ Rathbone Training Learners

B&M Birmingham Employ ‘Excellent’ Rathbone Training Learners

Posted by Richard Bond |  21st June 2018

B&M Birmingham Employ ‘Excellent’ Rathbone Training Learners

On the Job Experience

Practical experience is now considered the vital characteristic that secures success in the unforgiving world of job hunting. Indeed, according to a 2015 survey by City & Guilds, ‘about 80 per cent of employers think work experience is essential (1). Rathbone Training are always looking for more opportunities to help our learners prepare for employment through providing on the job work experience, as we know that this kind of practical learning is proven to transform the lives of our young people.

A recent partnership with B&M Birmingham has given four learners from Rathbone Training Birmingham the valuable opportunity to step into the workplace and gain some hands on experience that will dramatically increase their chances of employment.

Work Experience Pays

This partnership uniquely offered more than just a week of experience to these learners. Initially, Manzir Hussain, Hazra Begam, Kara Concannon and Fateha Uddin all attended their work experience at B&M in Birmingham at the end of April with the knowledge that there would be one job opportunity after a successful placement and interview.

However, after Rathbone Training learners Hazra and Fateha excelled in their roles, B&M was pleased to offer them both paid employment starting this month. B&M Birmingham described the Rathbone Training learners as ‘excellent’ candidates that showed lots of hard work and dedication, and clearly felt they would both be an asset to the team.

Furthermore, B&M Birmingham expressed a keen interest in exploring further work experience opportunities with Rathbone Training Birmingham, and have opened up discussions for a ‘roll on roll off’ work experience programme.

Well done to all the learners, and particularly Hazra and Fateha!

(1 -  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sponsored/finance/your-bank/11232030/benefits-work-experience.html )