The Glasgow Regeneration Programme project in conjunction with Tesco

The Glasgow Regeneration Programme project in conjunction with Tesco

Posted by Jenny Tong |  15th November 2018

Recently, Rathbone Training ran a Regeneration Programme in our Glasgow Centre which consisted of recruiting 10 unemployed clients from the area with the possibility of them gaining employment in local Tesco stores.

On the course they covered a variety of topics including; Employer Expectations and Creating a 3D CV as well as learning interview techniques. Each client also achieved a qualification, upon completion, in “Skills for Customer Care”.

Tesco requested that each client produce a 3D CV during the course which involved;
Standing in front of an interview panel to project their skills, attributes, personality and interest through the use of props. Clients were also required to participate in 3 days unpaid work experience in local stores and complete a SWOT analysis where customers were approached by the client and asked if they could analyse their in-store experience. The results were then to be compiled into a report showing both positive and negative feedback and suggestions for improvements which would retain and attract new customers in the future.

Due to many clients lacking in confidence, we were naturally apprehensive about the 3D CV and SWOT analysis tasks and potential reluctance to participate in such activities. However, surprisingly both proved to be a huge success. The Centre was filled with excitement from the group and feedback from Tesco was that they were outstanding. Not only was the group engaging and proactive in these activities, they also served as a great confidence-booster with one client going the extra mile and carrying out a SWOT analysis at a nearby ALDI!

As a result of our Regeneration Programme, 8 out of 10 clients successfully gained employment upon completion. All parties reported positive experiences including the staff who delivered the programme.

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