Rathbone Training works with the Department for Work and Pensions on IT Skills Course

Rathbone Training works with the Department for Work and Pensions on IT Skills Course

Posted by Jenny Tong |  15th November 2018

Earlier this year, the Department for Work and Pension (DWP) decided to invest in a public procurement exercise where companies could offer training with the objective to improve prospects for unemployed clients and increase their employability. This included a range of clients, from those facing multiple barriers to those almost prepared for employment.

Working with the new DPS procurement system introduced by DWP, we designed a Basic IT Skills course aimed at clients with no experience in using computers. The course covered many different areas of computing and software, including how to email effectively and to create documents in order to manage their claims online. The course ran for a period of 3 days a week over 4 weeks, with 12 participants awarded certificates upon completion. The DWP visited clients to interview them on their experience and all feedback has been extremely positive. Since the launch of this programme, we have experienced increased demand for the course, with our sixth session about to commence since its launch in June.

Feedback included:

“Having previously known next to nothing about computers, I was keen to accept my Job Advisor’s suggestion of attending an IT course with Rathbone Training. On the first day of training I was thankful of the staff’s friendly approach and have since learned quite a lot of valuable experience.”

“I think Rathbone’s IT Skills course is a very good idea and it taught me a lot about a computer, about Windows, Word and how to be security aware. It’s not as scary as I first thought. Emma and Lorna made me feel good about this course. I would recommend this course for anyone new to computers to gain knowledge and be able to do things.”

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