Refer-A-Friend Night at Rathbone Training

Refer-A-Friend Night at Rathbone Training

Posted by Jenny Tong |  23rd January 2019

Rathbone Training centres in Manchester and Wigan held a ‘Refer a Friend’ night on Thursday 17th January, where new learners, student ambassadors and various staff gathered together to experience what studying at Rathbone entails.

The night began with general mingling and networking amongst attendees with food (pizza and snacks!) provided for all guests. Selected student ambassadors spent some time discussing their experiences at Rathbone. Our Community Outreach Worker – Rebecca Haslam – also presented all learners, who had been attending for 6 weeks as a result of our Refer a Friend scheme, with £25 each.

Afterwards, taster sessions were held for newcomers where they had a chance to experience the type of work they would be doing as well as a chance to bond with other attendees. These consisted of various small activities, including team building exercises, relating to their chosen subject. On top of this, learners had an open ‘chill out’ room where they were free to play various games which created a relaxed environment for them to get to know our staff. 

Finally, interviews were carried out there and then where successful learners would pass through to the next stage and be invited back to complete Basic and Key Skills Builder (BKSBs).

All in all, the event was a great success. We are extremely excited to be able to welcome 3 new learners who had the opportunity to meet staff and tour our centre.

More photos from the event:

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