NVQ Retail success for Kieran at Savers!

NVQ Retail success for Kieran at Savers!

Posted by Jenny Tong |  6th March 2019

Kieran joined our Rathbone Neath centre following consultation from the Careers service. He went on to progress in his work placement at Savers and has massively improved his confidence and employability skills. Here, we share his story of success and achievements so far.

After leaving high school, Kieran proceeded to attend college but did not enjoy it. He suffered from poor attendance and eventually decided to drop out altogether. Kieran felt unmotivated and unsure about what he wanted to do, but knew that a classroom environment was not the best way for him to continue learning and developing his employability skills.

During his time studying at our Neath centre, he felt more comfortable about his learning as he was able to get individual support unlike his experience at college. Upon settling into a work placement that he enjoyed, Kieran started to see a boost in his confidence and employability skills, as he successfully progressed onto a NVQ in Retail with the motivation and positive focus on achieving.

Kieran said about his experience with Rathbone Training:

"I like everything about Rathbone Training. Through my traineeship, I have learnt lots of new skills – thinking about my learning journey makes me realise just how far I’ve come. I found there was a big difference between school and Rathbone. I found school overprotective and restrictive, but here at Rathbone my independence is encouraged and supported positively. I feel like I am treated like an adult and it’s a much more relaxed environment, which is great for me as a person. My tutors have also given me lots of support, and I know I can speak to them about anything, especially Karla & Lisa."

He also spoke about his placement in Savers, Neath:

"My placement in Savers has given me a real experience of what it’s like to work in Retail, and allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills at my own pace. Rathbone was the best thing for me and now I am employed full time in Savers. I also got paid a training allowance to get where I am".

"Kieran worked really well in the centre and was fully supportive to his peers in group tasks. He participated in local charity work in the foodbank in Neath over Christmas and we are all really proud of him in the Neath Centre for what he has achieved in such a short period of time. I am sure he has a great career ahead of him".

- Karla, Skills Tutor at Rathbone Training

"A traineeship is a fantastic pre-apprenticeship training programme that prepares 16-18 year olds for the world of work. They give learners like Kieran a good start supporting individual progression from education to the workplace"

- Karla Poveda, Traineeship and Apprenticeship Regional Assessor for Wales

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