Fit for a promotion

Fit for a promotion

Posted by Rob Tickle |  27th May 2016

An 18 year-old apprentice fitness instructor from Wigan has shown the drive to land a duty manager role at a hotel and club with support from Rathbone Training and its partner HFE.

Lauren Thompson has been working at Wrightington Hotel and Club and has successfully completing her Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing through HFE, a leading training provider of sport, exercise and fitness qualifications, which works with Rathbone Training to offer high quality apprenticeships in the sport, health and leisure sector.

“Lauren has been the model apprentice. From the very start she’s been eager to listen and learn. She has an extremely professional attitude when it comes to dealing with all tasks, coupled with a great ability to communicate up and down the various levels of staff and management. Lauren has quickly become a great asset to the club, hence she has been offered long term employment,” said Paddy Allen, Wrightington Leisure Manager.

Lauren’s hard work and determination has seen her offered a duty manager role at Wrightington and she is now progressing to a Level 3 Personal Training qualification. Throughout her apprenticeship she has been supported by HFE apprenticeship tutor Danielle Sharrock.

“Lauren is an example of what I’d like to call a perfect student. She always turned up on time, was incredibly quick to have her work completed and she’s incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about the industry she works in,” said Danielle.

“During her apprenticeship, Lauren was always keen to develop her current skills and learn new ones. She’s worked incredibly hard in the past 12 months and has thoroughly deserved to be promoted. I personally believe that her future is going to be very bright.”

A full interview with Lauren about her apprenticeship experience can be found on HFE's industry-leading blog.