Young people treat children in hospital for Easter

Young people treat children in hospital for Easter

Posted by Rob Tickle |  24th March 2016

Children receiving treatment at Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI) have received a special treat to brighten up their Easter from young people at Rathbone Training.

A team of learners and staff from Rathbone Training in Leicester visited the Children’s Ward at LRI and donated 60 Easter Eggs for the young people.

“When we recieved the eggs our learners decided that donating would be a really nice thing to do for Easter. We discussed where we would donate them and it was agreed the Children’s Ward would be a great cause,” said Karen Diyar, Senior Tutor at Rathbone Training in Leicester.

The eggs were received by Rathbone Training as part of a weekly delivery through FareShare, who collect and re-distribute food that would otherwise go to landfill as it’s close to a use by date or the packaging is damaged.

FareShare provides Rathbone Training’s Leicester centre with a food items at a much reduced price for use by learners studying catering.

Rathbone Training in Leicester has a dedicated working kitchen facility where catering students are taught valuable food preparation skills. All of the dishes made are then served to the young people and staff in the centre as well as a children’s nursery in the same building. Any food that is not used by the learners like the Easter eggs is then donated to local good causes.

“The benefits have been amazing as the learners have been able to try a very wide variety of food they would never think of trying, let alone buying themselves,” added Karen.

“We've had items such as wild mushrooms, chillies, pate, brie, salmon, halloumi as well as lots of fruit and veg, cereals and bread, which has kept our breakfast club well stocked as well as providing interesting menus for lunch.”