Kirsty’s dream is coming true

Kirsty’s dream is coming true

Posted by Rob Tickle |  17th February 2016

?An 18-year-old from Wigan’s ambitions of working with children are being realised thanks to support from Rathbone Training and Parsons Walk Nursery.

Last year Rathbone Training helped Kirsty Browit to gain a childcare assistant traineeship with Parsons Walk and she soon developed a great relationship with her colleagues as well as the parents and children.

“Kirsty fitted right in with us; she has a great attitude and is always willing to help her colleagues. She is also extremely friendly with all of our customers and is brilliant with the children and it has been great to see her develop in her time with us,” said Leonnie Wood, Manager of Parsons Walk Nursery.

Rathbone Training then helped Kirsty to find an apprenticeship with another nursery when she completed her traineeship, but such was the impact she’d made in her time Parsons Walk the nursery decided to create its own apprenticeship opportunity for her enabling her to stay and do a level two qualification.

With support from Ginette Riley, Rathbone Training’s childcare tutor, Kirsty has gone from strength to strength and is nearing the completion of her level two qualification.

The next step is for Kirsty to progress to a level three apprenticeship and once again Parsons Walk is keen to support her through this training.

“When I first found Rathbone Training and they told me they had found me a traineeship at Parsons Walk Nursery I was very nervous but eager to start. I settled in quickly and really enjoyed it. Then when I was offered an apprenticeship I was ecstatic. Now after a year of hard work and great support from Rathbone Training and Parsons Walk I am due to start my Level three very soon,” said Kirsty.

"If it wasn't for Rathbone Training I'm not sure where I would be. I love Parsons Walk and I’m so thankful for the amazing opportunity they have given me.”
If you would like to sign up for an apprenticeship too, please get in touch.