Youth conference marks Elfrida's 100th

Youth conference marks Elfrida's 100th

Posted by Admin |  23rd September 2016

A century after pioneering youth campaigner Elfrida Rathbone opened her first school for disadvantaged children in London a charity founded out of her legacy is bringing over 60 young people from across the UK together in Newcastle to discuss the barriers to employment for 16-24 year-olds.

National youth employment charity Rathbone Training and leading training provider Intraining, who are both part of NCG, one of the UK’s leading education and training providers, are hosting their National Youth Conference 2016 at Newcastle College.

The conference will explore what issues have stopped young people getting into work in the last 100 years, as well as the factors impacting on them today and the challenges they are likely to face in the coming years when looking to get a job.

“Elfrida Rathbone’s belief was that every young person should have the chance to fulfil their full potential and that message is equally important today as it was a century ago when her work first paved the way for our charity’s work today,” said Linda Dean, Managing Director of Rathbone Training and Intraining.

“Our annual national youth conference is the main opportunity we get each year to listen to the views of our learners and discuss how we as an organisation can support young people to unlock their potential through learning and secure employment.”

The conference will welcome partner organisations including the National Youth Agency, UK Youth, Youth Employment UK and Barclays to join the debate which will form the platform for Rathbone Training’s youth led action campaign over the coming year.

There will also be showcase of the work done by Rathbone Training learners with BBC volunteers through the Community Doorways project.

The initiative has seen learners from Birmingham, Manchester and Swansea create their own videos focusing on barriers to employment for young people over the last 100 years.

Following the conference Rathbone Training and Intraining will hold their Learner Voice awards and dinner celebrating the achievement and success of its learners across the UK with the following awards being handed out: