Innovative new Welsh programme

Innovative new Welsh programme

Posted by Admin |  23rd September 2016

Rathbone Cymru offers Welsh adults an innovative solution to unemployment. We are expanding our support for people looking to gain sustainable employment through a new service for adults across South and Mid Wales.

Rathbone Cymru was recently awarded a further Welsh Government contract for Adult Employability Skills. Rathbone is offering work based learning, employability training and high quality work experience to those aged 18 and over who are unemployed and registered with JobCentrePlus.

“Our aim is to allow as many people as possible to fulfil their career ambitions by unlocking their potential through learning and this is a really exciting development in our employability services in Wales, we have developed some cutting edge techniques and systems that will provide excellent job matching services and ongoing support to provide sustainable careers not just a job” said Paul Napier, Director for Rathbone Cymru.

The service aims to help adults into a successful career through:

SUPPORT: individualised programmes with dedicated and professional staff that care and provide ongoing support

TECHNOLOGY: We improve IT skills and give access to online tools such as our benefits calculators to ensure participants will be better off in work, assessment tools to identify areas for development and access to our Job2career tool which will match participants to hundreds of jobs based on their specific requirements.

SKILLS: The opportunity to develop skills in leadership, communication and teamwork delivered in bite size sessions. These skills are critical for moving into the workplace and are delivered in addition to our employability skills which cover CV’s, interviews, and letter writing along with the latest job matching techniques.

RESILIENCE: Participants will learn more about themselves and how to bounce back from difficult situations. Developing confidence and addressing personal barriers which currently prevent them from sustaining employment. We focus on moving participants into a suitable career and plot out their progression so it’s not just about getting a job.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Individuals will gain high quality work experience within a variety of sectors. They will receive support and mentoring throughout their work experience.

QUALIFICATIONS: Participants will have the opportunity to gain qualifications, not just Essential Skills in English, Mathematics and Digital Literacy but there will be opportunities to gain vocational qualifications to ensure competence and progression in the work place.

EMPLOYER LICENCES: If there is an offer of a job then we can arrange fully funded training leading to industry-required certification i.e. SIA, Food Hygiene, and CSCS etc.

JOBS: On completion of participation those taking part are guaranteed an interview for real jobs and what’s more, Rathbone Training offers apprenticeships once employment is confirmed to ensure all have the option to progress in their chosen career!

IN WORK COACHING: Once we have moved a participant into employment our support does not stop there, with in-work coaching for the first three months to assist in overcoming hurdles to sustaining newly gained employment. 24/7 support.

“What we offer is more than just a course. We build resilience and develop employability skills giving those taking part access to the latest techniques to secure employment,” added Paul Napier.

Rathbone Cymru is already a well-established training provider for young people in Wales offering courses in a wide range of sectors including customer service, retail, childcare, adult care, business administration, warehousing, construction, engineering, hair and beauty and youth work as well as work placements, traineeships and apprenticeship opportunities.