Blog: JJ’s Judgement Day

Blog: JJ’s Judgement Day

Posted by Matt McCloskey |  31st March 2017

This is a youth lead film project by MTJ film production (Matt, Tyler and Jake) featuring Karisha as JJ’s mum. Jake helped to storyboard, shoot, direct and act. Matt was responsible for all music/sound and Cat Riley helped with Post Production. 

JJ’s Judgement Day is the hard hitting story of 16 year J.J (Tyler) who lost his Dad. He is struggling to cope and find closure as he doesn’t know what happened to his father. He finds out his father was murdered due to his involvement with gangs in Manchester. JJ, ends up missing his exams, dropping out of school, falling out with his mum and becoming homeless!

The film is about the risk of mental health and the dangers of not dealing with bereavement. It was submitted for the 2017 British Safety Council Young Filmmakers competition.

Homelessness is a huge issue in Manchester, with lack of jobs and limited funding and support being contributing factors. There has been increasing substance abuse amongst the homeless community, most notably spice. This is extremely dangerous and psychologically damaging. It also has a serious impact on young people who find themselves on the streets even for a short period of time.

Even in summer it can be extremely cold outside at night, which is the inspiration for Matt’s song at the end. Ultimately mental health, homelessness and drug abuse are major issues facing young people today. We hope this film raises awareness and inspires individuals and local governments to work towards a solution.

If you have been affected by the issues in this film you can contact:  (drugs advice)    (homelessness)      (bereavement)