Youth forum talk general election

Youth forum talk general election

Posted by Liam McNally |  8th June 2017

As people cast their votes today across the UK in the 2017 General Election young people at Rathbone Training have been debating the key issues that face young people today and preparing to vote.

Learners across the UK took part in a youth forum session to inform/update them on current political affairs. The feedback from the sessions was positive with the majority of learners saying they now have a much better understanding of political topics such as Brexit and the Snap Election.

During the session the learners were asked to choose a political party to research and to present their findings on the parties main priorities to the rest of the group. They also completed a quiz to determine which party they should vote for according to their beliefs on certain topics. At the end of the session, learners had the opportunity to stay behind and register to vote with the help of their tutors.

The result: A massive 82% of learners that were eligible to vote decided to register