General election highlights the power of young people’s voices

General election highlights the power of young people’s voices

Posted by Rob Tickle |  12th June 2017

After an election where the winners and losers seem anything but clear one of the great triumphs unquestionably appears to be the number of young people engaged in the campaign.

Over a million 18 to 24 year olds registered to vote once the election was called and over 250,000 under-25s registered on the last possible day.

Of those young people registered some unofficial stats suggest the turnout was 72 per cent which is considerably higher than the overall national turnout of 68.7 per cent.

This is also a considerable increase on the last general election, where just 43 per cent of people aged 18 to 24 voted and even in the EU referendum, which was widely regarded as a debate that really engaged with young people only 64 per of young people went to the ballot box.

“Our organisation is all about helping young people to get their voice heard on the key issues which impact on their ability to unlock their potential through learning so to see such a high number of young people energised and engaged in the latest general election is extremely encouraging,” said Ian Webber, Managing Director of Rathbone Training.

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