Creative response to recent terror attacks

Creative response to recent terror attacks

Posted by Rob Tickle |  27th June 2017

A powerful film sharing young people from Manchester’s response to the terrorist attack in their city has been launched by Rathbone Training.

The film, created by learners from the youth charity Rathbone Training, explores young people’s feelings when they first heard the attack had taken place and the impact that the events over the following days had on them.

“We felt it was important to give the young people we work with in Manchester a chance to express their emotions about a truly horrific incident that happened in their home city. The event has had a lasting impact on a great many people not just across Manchester but the whole country and it’s important that young people’s views on what happened are given a platform,” said Matthew McCloskey, Youth Engagement Intern at Rathbone Training, who played a major role in coordinating and producing the film.

“In our experience film, music and creative arts are a really effective way for young people to share their thoughts on particularly difficult subjects as I think this very moving film shows.”

The film was created through the Big Music Project which aims to create music hubs in disadvantaged communities across the UK to engage young people in learning and open up links to career opportunities in the music industry.

The piece offers a strong message of defiance towards terrorism and a sense of pride to be young person living in Manchester.

At the launch Kerrie Starkey Hughes, Rathbone Training’s UK Youth Ambassador, also performed a poignant poem on mental health.

Representatives from partner organisations including Manchester’s Young Lives, Creative Support and Odd Arts attended the film launch.