'The Grief Preacher' visits Rathbone Neath for a motivational talk

'The Grief Preacher' visits Rathbone Neath for a motivational talk

Posted by Richard Bond |  30th August 2018

Grief Preacher

Jamie Denyer, also known as The Grief Preacher, recently spent two days at the Rathbone Neath centre holding talks with our learners about youth issues.

Lecturer, mentor and motivational speaker, Jamie inspired learners with his talk talk that focussed on what is holding them back, tips on self-improvement, and explaining the consequences of violent actions in society.

Jaime Denyer shared his own story with the learners about the tragic death of his nephew as a result of youth violence.

Motivational words

Many of the learners found the talk highly motivational and shared these thoughts after the talk:

“It inspires people to think about themselves in a way they usually wouldn’t”

“He inspired me to re-think how much time I spent on social media”

“Jamie taught me that no matter the circumstances, you can still achieve things if you put the effort in”

“He inspired me to do something with my days”

“He taught me not to be afraid to stand out if you’re different”

“He taught me we’re not going through hard stuff alone”

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