Support for Tiffany means award for care home

Support for Tiffany means award for care home

Posted by Rob Tickle |  3rd August 2016

A residential care home in Derbyshire that has offered a traineeship chance to an autistic teenager with a passion for baking has been acknowledged with a special award from Rathbone.

Amberleigh Manor has received an ‘Employer of the Month’ award from Rathbone Training for the fantastic support they have shown to 16-year-old Tiffany.

Amberleigh Manor took on Tiffany as a kitchen assistant in April after Rathbone Training’s Employer Solutions Consultant Caroline Hickey had identified the opportunity and supported her to apply for the role.

“Tiffany was desperate to find an employer that would see past her autism issues and give her a chance which is why she came to us for support,” said Caroline Hickey.

“Luckily Amberleigh Manor’s manager and her team is just such an employer and they have really seen the benefits of having Tiffany in their team.

“I’m really proud of the partnership we have forged and the difference this has made to a young person’s life. Tiffany had no qualifications and no CV when she came to us but she has been given a chance by Amberleigh Manor and the rewards for everyone involved are there for all to see which is why I’m delighted they have received this award,” said Caroline Hickey.

Tiffany’s eagerness to reward the faith Amberleigh Manor had put in her apparent as soon as she was offered the role as she planned an hour long journey involving two buses to get to work from her home in Derby. Despite the length of this journey she is still always there on time.

“This is the best job I could ever have dreamed of. I have never felt like this in the whole of my life and I didn’t realise learning and working could feel this good,” said Tiffany.

Shortly after taking Tiffany on the care home’s kitchen also had an inspection from the Food Standard’s Agency where her hard work helped them increase their rating to five stars – a success she took great pride in being part of.

“It is difficult to find a person of any age who wants to work in a care home environment because it can be quite challenging. This is why when we saw Tiffany’s passion we were prepared to take the time and effort to support her and it has been so worth it…now I don’t know what we’d do without her,” said Catherine Carrington, manager of Amberleigh Manor.

“Tiffany’s energy and motivation is real a positive influence on everyone she works with, she’s a really valuable and popular part of the team. The kitchen has never been so clean and organised and I’m absolutely delighted that we gave her a chance.”

“I’m very humbled to receive this award from Rathbone Training. It means an awful lot to award meant to me and all of the staff and the home.”

The care home is now working with Rathbone Training and Tiffany to arrange an increase in her hours at the care home with a view to possible apprenticeship opportunity in the near future.

“Amberleigh Manor is shining example of an employer who understands the real value a young person can bring to their organisation even if there may be some challenges to overcome,” said Mark Bennington, Skills and Employability Services Director for Rathbone Training, who presented the care home with their award.