Young people outline their top election priorities

Young people outline their top election priorities

Posted by Rob Tickle |  28th April 2017

In the run up to June’s general election ITV News has reported on the top issues young people aged between 13-29 want to see addressed by the next government.

The issues were raised in an open letter to political leaders by Undivided – a youth movement which represents more than four million under-30s.

Some of the key points in the letter which was backed by over 50 youth organisations include:

• Consult with 13-29-year-olds throughout Brexit negotiations
• Protect opportunities to work, live, and study abroad
• Tackle the housing crisis
• Lower the voting age to 16
• Introduction of Proportional Representation
• Promote inclusion and tolerance within society
• Prioritise the growing mental health issues facing young people
• Maintain and enhance environmental policies

Read the full article from the ITV News website HERE.