Crafty young parents work on arts exhibition

Crafty young parents work on arts exhibition

Posted by Rob Tickle |  5th May 2017

A group of young mum’s from Glasgow have been working with leading local artists Claire Barclay and Donna Jamieson to create an arts installation at a leading international exhibition space.

Parents from Rathbone Training’s Training Opportunities for Young Parents (TOPs) project created the piece called ‘A place to Play’ which was an interactive ‘play den’ space that children and families could play with. The installation was made using recycled materials and was exhibited at Glasgow’s Tramway 2 exhibition from 1st April to 9th April.

“I enjoyed the Tramway 2 project because it was good to plan and create something using my own ideas along with other peoples. I learned that you can create something good without everything being perfect,” said one of the young mums who took part in the project.

Claire and Donna met with the parents once a week over three weeks to design and create their piece and they were invited to special preview event the day before the exhibition opened to the public.

Donna has also been working closely with the TOPs programme over the last year delivering sessions to upskill the parent’s basic sewing abilities.

These sessions looked at creating a straight hand stitch, sewing a button, crochet, weaving, and knitting. Parents planned and implemented a personal project to create their own cushion or blanket using up cycled clothes and materials and using the new skills they have learned.

The aim was to give young parents the necessary skills to care for and repair their children’s clothing. They also provided parents with an opportunity to refashion domestic textiles into new items for children and the family home.

The new skills learned with Donna’s help also enabled the parents to hold their first annual Christmas Fayre in December 2016, where parents sold a selection of hand made goods including candles, tree decorations, sweet treats, and Christmas Eve packs. Donna helped the parents build their confidence and provided them with the skills to run the enterprise.